Friday, July 10, 2015

Mary Prantil San Diego Sheriff's Department Troll List

For the last eight years we've had a nut job by the name of Mary Theresa Prantil of San Diego California cyber harassing not only us but many others as you will read over below, an mentally ill antagonist who really needs to be taken out of society and placed long term in a psychological institution for the criminally insane.

On through the last eight years this whack job individual has attempted to destroy not only our good reputations and again many others yet, has failed miserably I every way simply because, a over all majority of people glossing over her trash postings on the internet understand her to be a very sick person that has a really bad habit of habitually lying about others to draw attention and sympathy to herself and of course, while never having a shred of proof to back up anything she says about anyone.

To give you a little more background on this person being Mary Prantil I will just say that she fancies herself as being a comedian who frequents what I like to term, little dive bars that permit walk in's to perform amateur comedy for their customers amusement over a few drinks to which, there is no cover charge or prize at the end of the night however, this function will often times put a person in the spotlight for a hour or two in which, Prantil relishes above anything else because she's getting the attention she never received at home.

Prantil carries on the family tradition of scamming, lying, stealing, and harassing as we can see in her New York criminal records that reflect charges of aggravated harassment, criminal contempt, stalking, not showing up to mental evaluations, not reporting to Rikers Island prison and psychological ward, and so fourth. By the way, these two women are now on the troll list because they placed restraining orders against one another lol.
Mary Prantil, loves to embellish her life to be more then something in reality it isn't and why ? Well, and in all actuality, her life is the huge failure of a woman in her early fifties whom likes to act and dress like someone in their early twenties.

Mary does have hobbies however such as habitual lying about everything as stated above, harassing good people and businesses by launching frivolous lawsuits to which she loses a majority of the time, scamming private people and businesses alike out of merchandise and services and if she's not successful at this con game, then she gets up on a site like rip off reports, U.S Complaints or Complaints Board to damage a persons reputation.

She attempts to damage a persons or companies reputation by saying about every terrible thing she can about the person or company in question under numerous fictitious user names and locations that will in-turn, scare the public away from using the company or having anything to do with the private person mentioned. Yep, Mary Theresa Prantil of San Diego can be and is, considered by many people to be a severally mentally ill person to the degree that she is a toxic individual.

But enough of my personal observations on the life of this deranged personality being Prantil who has further has lived the last twenty or thirty years of her life in this way. Again, let's move on to what Mary Prantil's life really has been in reality past the personal observation of those that have unfortunately befriended her and paid the heavy price of her harassment after coming into small disagreements with her.

Mary has short lived friendships that tend to blow up in her face as we will see in the official civil charges below in where many peace loving persons in both Manhattan, Astoria New York and San Diego have either taken Mary Prantil to court and or, have been pulled into court by Prantil through one of her harassing and frivolous lawsuits to which and again, she loses a good deal of the time because the judges see her legal actions as harassing more then a valid dispute. Mary likes to run around calling other people scams yet, Mary Prantil is the worst scam on land and sea, in my opinion.

Let's see what Mary Theresa Prantil's life is really like through officially documented court records and hence, records provided by the people we as a society employ to protect us from people like Mary T. Prantil that she can hardly dispute with a straight face but there again, Mary is a professional liar and so I wouldn't be surprised if she did as after all we see her doing this against many good businesses and private people on the scam sites listed above.

Mary Prantil even once stated that it was fun to get up on the internet in destroying peoples lives because it gave her power and fame over others to which, wasn't surprising to me because like I said before she likes being in the spotlight and that's why I'm writing this post.

Again, let's start out with her boasts of going to college, being raised in the Catholic church and becoming a hand and foot model in where she has posted many pictures and statements on her real and fake Facebook, twitter accounts and trashy blog sites, these pictures and statements are all lies as there is no records proving her statements and the pictures of her standing in front of these institutions, are something anyone could choreograph.

Now, to Prantil's interactions and relationships with others the first of which being as a matter of record showing her own father Frank G. Prantil placed going to prison for a couple of years for forgery a midst other things as you can read about here at: and her uncle Richard Prantil who was suspended for stealing $10,000.00 as you can read about here at this link of :, This is the influence Mary Theresa Prantil grew up under and is attempting to mimic this illegal behavior to this day as you can see her father doing here at: .

Here's where you can see Mary Theresa Prantil's mother and father suing her along with a property management company suing what seems to be suing the father, mother and Mary Prantil as you can read over in the following links provided for you below, wow it really seems that these folks are always into a lot of trouble, is it just me ? Or do you see a pattern developing here that like I do at: and don't forget to read this following link of:

Here's where Mary Prantil's mother Lillian Prantil filed domestic violence charges against her daughter at : and here again, is where Mary Prantil is being evicted from her New York apartment for harassing everyone in the complex at this link provided for you here: .

And here at this link of : we can see Mary Theresa Prantil suing some other Individuals for whatever reason and of course, you can explore these cases to see what there about. You can also view more cases in where Prantil launched lawsuits against many others as seen here at :, and still yet where others launched a liable and slander lawsuit against Mary Prantil at : .

Criminal records of Mary Theresa Prantil harassing a plaintiff, a person that she being Prantil says she doesn't know yet, the court records can be viewed here at the link below in where this person was successful in bring criminal charges at : . Here's another lawsuit brought against Prantil by 3285 REALTY COMPANY LLC vs. PRANTIL, MARY ETAL and by the way, Etal is just another fictitious name that Prantil uses : and .

And lastly, here's some records Mary T. Prantil has since had expunged from the New York state record however, here's a copy of them provided for you and the link following below along with many of the fictitious user names she uses to attack the good reputations of others on the internet, Prantil tries to clean up her history yet, she's not even good at this and why ? Because her criminal actions are all over the web at:

Mary Theresa Prantil doesn't seem like she's a rational person or even and peace loving soul according to her mother Lillian Prantil and or her attorney Jack L. Glasser, Esq representing her in a eviction hearing case as you can read about here at : .

We can also see Mary T. Prantil at work in the link given to you immediately above as she is libeling this attorney and then we can see, his response telling everyone what Prantil had done to him pertaining to ripping him off and then getting up on this gripe site to defame his good reputation. Moreover, how Prantil was ruled against and evicted and then, followed a number of plaintiffs to the subway and physically outright attacked the people that had testified against her.

So, Mary T. Prantil is apparently a person that grew up around unethical lawyers to which one was her father who was sentenced to two years in prison and the other disbarred, raised in a family that apparently were so nasty that they not only sued others but each other and a family, that couldn't seem to have peaceful interactions with others and more so, obviously felt that they were all above the laws that we are all made to follow.

She came from a town in which disliked her father so much that they ran him out of town after he served his prison term and from a a family, that had much conflict way back then as it does today via citing this link below in where you can see Mary Theresa Prantil and her sister Franchesca Prantil on the San Diego Sheriffs Department Troll list as the link reflects at: .

This person in which I speak would like everyone to believe that she's just this happy go lucky girl who is just trying to be a success in the world of comedy yet, there's nothing funny about her, her family, or the misery they've caused to others in their lives who had the misfortune in running into any of them.

Nope, nothing funny or passive about Mary T. Prantil as she is a Troll, Stalker and all around toxic person through and through, a toxic person who doesn't have a life of her own and because of this seeks to dominate the lives of others through her negative speeches and actions. This is a person that doesn't really have any successes in life and thus, a person that fabricates the great illusion of what she would like her life to really be.

She will be noticed in life even if she has to ride off the coat tails of others to do it, even if she causes pain and suffering to innocent people get noticed in life and lastly, a person who life is a total contradiction of who she would like us to believe she is yet, a person that leaches off of society in any way she can via harassment, blackmail and extortion and or in other words, “give me what I want”, or “I will bad mouth you online, or drag you into court hoping you will settle with me out of court.

Mary likes to call other people scams while coming off as the victim as this is just another aspect of her delusional state of mind, or what she would like to believe about herself however by the looks of her colorful family and personal history, Prantil is the 20 to 30 year professional career scammer here seeking to take advantage of good and peace loving people everywhere.

This is an ego filled person that scams the courts, scams businesses, ruins the lives of private people by posting untrue trash about them online and for what ? Money and to be recognized by others, even if it means attempting to come off as a devoutly spiritual person to which and again, is just another lie coming from her lips.

The Internet doesn't need people like this running loose on the web and for that matter, society itself could do without people like this as well. Unlike Mary T. Prantil and the rip off sites she may work for who post trash on just about anyone, I have provided proof of who this person is and what their all about both on and off the web and being this the case, if your an employer do yourself a favor and avoid this one, if your a guy or gal looking for a love to share your life with, stay away from this one, if your a business looking to sell a product or service, watch out for this one and don't even let her in the door, save yourself some grief.

And now in closing, I will just say to anyone reading this post asking the question in how can I be certain it's really her? and I would answer this question by sending you to these links of voice evidence 1 and 2 because you may be able to expunge criminal records, you may be able to hide your civil records over time, but you can never run from the sound of your own voice harassing, extorting and trying to blackmail people as we can hear her doing here on these two pages found on this web site at : and here, be sure to listed to the libel and slander in Prantil's own voice at:, God bless and be safe.